I was born in 1989, in a middle class family in Bangladesh. I studied computer science, before leaving my computer career to study photography in Pathshala South Asian Media Institute from 2010 to 2013. I learnt photography from the masters like Morten Krogvold, Philip Blenkinsop, Max Pam and Asim Rafiqui. I also worked under mentorship of Saiful Huq Omi for a year.

My Photographs got published in National Geographic, Marie Claire Italia, TROUW, Saudi Aramco World, Shahidul News, Birding Asia, SAEVUS among others. My work was exhibited at Chobi Mela VI, Bangladesh.

Currently I am working on my long-term documentary project called “The River that Killed My Grandfather” on the river Padma in Bangladesh. I’m also working as an assistant producer in a mammoth documentary project on stateless Rohingya refugees around the world called “The Disowned and the Denied” by photographer Saiful Huq Omi.


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